Youtube or blogging which is best

Youtube or blogging which is best

When there is a need to earn money online people have to good option one is blogging and the other is YouTube many people prefer to blogging due to their good CPC compared to YouTube or maybe blogging just has to be retained which makes them feel more comfortable but they probably forget apart from blogging there is a very good option and that is to create a video on YouTube and monetize it later it will be interesting to know that in YouTube you can earn more money than blogging, and this is absolutely true that there is another reason for this that people like to look compared to reading so that instead of books or books. our Hindi films are more popular and you probably know this also.

Why YouTube is a better option than blogging to make money

Shayari Masters

1.  Investment of domain and hosting is not
The biggest achievement of YouTube is that you do not have to invest money for a domain and hosting here. Which is an important part of blogging for beginners in the Rope where you can express your online presence on the name of your channel

View any YouTube channel we can view all your videos and recent activity on your YouTube channel so that their trust increase towards you.
For monetizing your YouTube channel you must have 1000 subscribers and for 40,000 hours of watch time on YouTube after that, you can earn money by monetizing your YouTube channel

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